BTI adds corrosion-resistant lightweight HD handle

Bulk Tank Inc (BTI) has developed a solution to an industry nuisance: the new Corrosion Resistant Lightweight Heavy Duty Handle, built with an aluminum body, longer lasting stainless steel trigger, and a cathodic epoxy coating.

According to company officials, the cathodic epoxy coating creates a virtually corrosive free environment. Cathodic coatings are used in the underground storage tank, automotive, and appliance industries to prevent corrosion. The process creates a coating that covers all parts, cavities, and hidden areas, ensuring a complete seal against any corrosive materials encountered.

In addition to the corrosion resistant cathodic coating, the handle features a stainless steel tip at the end of the trigger, which significantly reduces wear and practically eliminates breaking, a common problem with most aluminum handles. The tip allows the handle and trigger to skate across the stainless steel notch plate freely, even during severe use.

“We’re very excited about the new version of the HD handle.” says Pete Houston,sales representative at BTI. “This gives us an industry first, a truly corrosive free valve combination. When you combine the HD epoxy coated handle and stainless steel throttle plate with our BlackMaxx composite fiber valve and AlloMaxx disc, well, then you really have something. Something no one in the industry can offer.”

The angled design of BTI’s Corrosion Resistant Lightweight HD Handle allows plenty of space between the valve and the operator’s knuckles. The lengthened handle and ergonomically curved design provides more room for the operator to apply the leverage necessary to easily open or close any valve.

Even though the innovative design of BTI’s Corrosion Resistant Lightweight HD Handle far exceeds any existing model, the cost compares with traditional handles. Driver-friendly, competitively priced, and longer lasting--­BTI once again raises the bar on an industry standard. As with all of its products, BTI unconditionally guarantees this handle will outperform any similar products on the market today. For more information call 1-800-841-5524 (573-518-0600) or visit

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