Momentum Fuel Technologies provides complete CNG system for Class 6–8 trucks

Momentum Fuel Technologies has introduced the industry’s first complete compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system for Class 6–8 trucks, offering support from design and manufacturing, to sales and ongoing service throughout the product life cycle.

The company plans to offer both side-mount and back-of-cab mount systems. Side-mount systems include a 40DGE with a range of 176-220 miles and 45DGE with a range of 198-248 miles. The back-of-cab mount system initially intended will be 110DGE with a range of 506-633 miles. Another back-of-cab mount system, 150DGE with a range of 660-825 miles is expected in autumn 2015.

The system is engineered to maximize fill rates, reserving customers’ valuable time for the road.  Additionally, fuel flows straight from the manifold to the individual tanks using a parallel-flow fill system.

Built-in safeguards increase driver confidence in fuel levels and reduce range anxiety. The temperature-compensated fuel-level system reflects accurate gas and pressure levels so drivers won’t feel the need to make continual fuel top-offs on the road. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) converts the tank readings through the Fuel Level Interface Module (FLIM) and outputs the signal to the factory-installed fuel gauge.

The system comes with both transit-fill and time-fill fuel ports, and the design includes oversize tubing with fewer bends and fittings plus a high-flow ball valve. Customers can choose optional front-bumper or passenger-side fuel ports.

Everything in Momentum’s CNG fuel systems is lightweight by design. The system is constructed of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass composite materials with extruded aluminum in frame corners, base rails, and crossmembers. 

The Momentum CNG Fuel System tanks use the latest 3MTM nanoparticle-enhanced matrix resin technology, which results in a 6% improvement in fiber-delivered burst strength compared with vessels with conventional resin. The tank is 25% lighter and 27% more weight/volume efficient compared to a market leader’s similar sized tanks.

Rubber isolators mounted between the system and the truck frame rails minimize vibration and absorb system shock, and piano hinges on doors maintain strength and durability.  The electrical wiring harness includes heavy-duty Deutsch connectors with color-coded TXL wires. All systems come standard with neck-mounted tanks (more secure than strap-mounted tanks) to eliminate needless erosion and extend life.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, area PRDs vent fuel in the system out through tubes at the rear of the system. 

All high-pressure lines in the system are color-coded so they are easy for drivers and technicians to identify. The live high-pressure PRD lines are powdercoated in blue, and high-pressure fuel lines are powdercoated in red.

A standard fuel door safety warning system prevents the engine from starting if the door is ajar.  Optional load lights and rear camera on back-of-cab systems improve visibility and make hitching easier.

Momentum Fuel Technologies invested millions of dollars in its 109,000-square-foot CNG-dedicated facility in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with state-of-the art machining equipment. It will also offer training on system operations, safety, service installation, and facility requirements to customers and authorized dealers.

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