Spicer AdvanTEK 40 axle makes its debut

Dana Holding Corporation has introduced the Spicer AdvanTEK 40 tandem axle. This all-new 40,000-lb tandem axle for a variety of Class 8 applications features a design that increases fuel economy, improves reliability, reduces vehicle weight, and decreases total ownership costs.

The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 axle is estimated to deliver more than $8,000 in operating savings over a five-year period through a combination of features including the industry’s fastest axle ratio of 2.26:1, lower axle weight, optimum inter-axle driveline angles, and reduced lubrication quantity.

This axle was developed with faster axle ratios to handle higher input torques, lowering engine rpm at cruise speed while increasing axle efficiency by up to 1.2%. The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 axle will be offered with ratios ideally suited for direct-drive transmission drivetrains requiring rear axle ratios from 2.26 to 2.79 and overdrive transmission drivetrain ratios from 2.93 to 3.91.

The Spicer AdvanTEK 40 axle is up to 21 pounds lighter than other 40,000-lb. tandem axles. It is available with additional options such as Dana’s patented wheel differential locks, lubrication pump, breather, and Spicer LMS and LMSi hubs. Other options include thick-wall housings and Dana’s versatile SelecTTrac system for maximizing GAWR rating for aluminum hubs and maximizing bearing life in single wide-based tire configurations.

Optimum inter-axle driveline angles allow for parallel axle installation, avoiding installation variables and vehicle issues with certain air-ride suspensions. Further refinements in the design of the Spicer AdvanTEK 40 axle deliver improved durability of U-joints, less vehicle downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

Dana will start production on the axle in early 2014. Visit www. dana.com/commercialvehicle for more details.

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