Program helps fleets cut brake reline costs

TMD Friction announced the launch of a new customer support program aimed at reducing fleet maintenance costs by “pushing” brake relines out of vehicle life cycle.

The TEXTAR Fleet Assistance Program includes a direct communication to TMD engineers to help fleet maintenance managers analyze their brake life cycles and costs, select the appropriate friction for each application, and answer other brake questions.Offered in the program are free, custom-made lining wear gauges for both drum and disc brakes for any fleet using TEXTAR products.

The TEXTAR program starts when the fleet manager fills out a simple information sheet that breaks down his vehicle population into smaller “mini-fleets” that likely have different brake life cycles. Examples of mini-fleets could be tractors versus trailers, or longhaul sleeper tractors vs shorthaul day cabs, or flatbed trailers vs van trailers. Other distinct brake life cycles would be found in routes — regional haul vs cross-country. TMD engineers use the fleet's information to calculate if life improvement from Textar linings would push relines out of the life cycles of each mini-fleet and how many total relines would be saved. These calculations are based on extensive wear testing of aftermarket linings on specialized TMD laboratory dynamometers.

To get started, fleets can contact TMD engineers via email at [email protected].

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