Allison introduces new twin countershaft transmission

ALLISON Transmission Inc unveiled a new transmission design for tractors that incorporates Allison's torque converter and twin countershafts and is ideal for distribution applications where a tractor-trailer rig splits its work cycle between city and highway conditions.

Full-power shifts bring productivity and fuel efficiency to stop-and-go portions of a route, while the 10-speed-countershaft architecture offers fuel economy while cruising.

“Initial in-vehicle demonstration tests have allowed us to document some very nice gains in fuel economy and we achieved increases in a vehicles miles-per-workday,” according to Lou Gilbert, Allison Transmission's director of North American market development. “Our testing has shown this new transmission offers better fuel economy than an automated manual in the targeted duty cycle markets for which it was developed.”

Gilbert said that combining increased fuel economy and miles-per-day with Allison's quality gives customers a transmission that will redefine tractor performance and operating efficiencies.” ♦

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