Smart Scale financing programs announced

TruckWeight announced two financing programs that allow qualifying customers to defray the full cost of its Smart Scale wireless onboard scale for commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers.

In a program aimed at owner-operators, TruckWeight is offering a monthly payment plan for the purchase of Smart Scale, a wireless onboard weigh scale. TruckWeight is further reaching out to truck fleets by providing up to $100,000 in unsecured financing in cooperation with Export Development Canada, the country's export credit agency.

Smart Scale uses sensors to measure temperature and pressure changes in a vehicle's air suspension and relays this data to a handheld receiver using a low-powered, intrinsically safe radio transmitter. The sensors produce a weight measurement that's within 0.3% of the actual gross vehicle weight, or roughly 150 pounds. Because it's wireless, Smart Scale lets the user monitor gross and axle weights from up to 500 feet away. Installation typically takes 30 minutes for a standard five-axle tractor-trailer and requires no special tools or skills.

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