Paragon launches HydraCHEM, a compact chemical unloading system

Paragon launches HydraCHEM, a compact chemical unloading system

Paragon Tank Truck Equipment has developed the most compact chemical unloading systems on the market. Designed for use on tank trucks, the new HydraCHEM integrated system occupies just 25 inches on the frame rail and weighs about 400 pounds.

As compact as it is, HydraCHEM includes a product pump, compressor, and hydraulic oil cooling system using only 2.5 gallons of hydraulic oil. Paragon offers customers a choice of product pumps—Paragon’s own VP150 vane pump with up to 157-gpm flow rate or a new G-series gear pump, produced by Roper exclusively for Paragon, with a 125-gpm flow rate that was designed for the HydraCHEM system. Paragon’s P40 compact compressor operates at 25 psi or 36 psi, producing up to 125-gpm. Paragon also offers a PTO and hydraulic pump to go with the system.

“The key feature of HydraCHEM is that it puts all of the product pumping equipment in one place,” says Drake Miller, Paragon national sales director. “With traditional product unloading systems, you have multiple pieces of equipment spread around multiple locations on a truck.”

Housed in a case that includes a brushed stainless steel front cover and louvered side panels, the system is protected from the elements. The enclosed system also protects the operator from rotating equipment, oil hazards, and product leakage.

With just four mounting bolts, HydraCHEM is easy to install. Installation takes an average of four hours. Maintenance also is easier. Air and oil filters are accessible from the top, with no disassembly of the unit required.

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