CentriSet low in weight, upkeep, and cost

Motor Wheel Commercial Vehicle Systems Inc., a Precision Partners company, announces the launch of its new CentriSet Trailer Hub System, a pre-adjusted, low-maintenance, low-weight, and low-cost wheel-end system. Currently available for N and P spindle trailer applications, this long-life hub system carries a five-year/500,000-mile warranty. An extended warranty is available.

The CentriSet System begins with a lightweight ductile iron hub to provide higher strength and increased resistance to damage than aluminum hubs, at an economical cost. CentriSet incorporates bearing components and an advanced seal to ensure low-maintenance operation, helping fleets reduce operating costs. Installation is made easy with CentriSet; due to the built-in bearing settings, no installation adjustment is required.

For optimum weight savings, combine CentriSet hubs with lightweight CentriFuse brake drums. For more details, access www.pphc.com.

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