www.fueladvice.comMcLeod, IDSC interface

McLeod Software provides an interface to the Integrated Decision Support Corp (IDSC) Fuel Advice ASP fuel optimization service. Working with IDSC, McLeod will install software in its LoadMaster dispatch system to provide fuel optimization recommendations based on a customer's equipment specific loads and established fuel network.

The Fuel Advice service is offered in bundled transactions of 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 sets. Each time a user requests a fuel stop recommendation and a valid solution is returned, a transaction is used. Fuel Advice also offers a flat monthly charge based on the number of power units in a fleet.

McLeod will install the Fuel Advice interface free of charge. The base interface allows use of a command key from the dispatch screen to import a power unit's current or pre-assigned movement and receive a fuel stop solution based on a practical route. Users with mobile communication devices can send this information to their power units.

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