Volvo broadens D16 ratings, availability

Previously offered only in the new VT880 highway tractor for independent contractors, Volvo Trucks North America announced new horsepower ratings for the 16-liter engine and its availability in other Volvo trucks. The announcement came at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

When first introduced, the D16 was rated at 500, 525, 600, or 625 hp with torque ratings of 1,850, 2,050, or 2,250 lb/ft. Orders for the new engine installed in Volvo VNL series tractors will be accepted starting in June with production of the vehicles scheduled to start in late August 2005.

Volvo will offer the D16 as power for the VNL series in three horsepower and two torque ratings, still reserving the super-engine ratings for the VT880. VNL tractors can be powered by D16 engines rated at 450 hp or 500 hp with a torque rating of 1,650 lb/ft or 500 hp or 535 hp with a torque rating of 1,850 lb/ft. Engines rated at 1,850 lb/ft torque are equipped with Volvo's Intelligent Torque management system for driveline protection at low speeds, limiting engine output to 1,650 lb/ft in start-up gears.

In standard form, the recommended oil change interval for the D16 is 25,000 miles. An optional cast aluminum oil pan with a capacity of 55 quarts (13.75 gallons), allows an oil change interval of 35,000 miles.

Components for the D16 are cast and machined at a Volvo foundry in Sweden; engines are assembled at the Volvo/Mack engine and transmission plant in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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