Trailer brake lock goes anywhere chassis does

CGM Security Solutions has introduced the Trucklock 1130 trailer brake lock. This device, which received United States Patent 6,652,042, is resident to the air intake valve and travels with the chassis everywhere. There is no need to use messy kingpin locks or loose gladhand locks, and no need to remind the driver to take an extraneous product with him.

This device is a permanent installation on the trailer using common standard replacement parts for the air line. With no new technology or process to learn, it is automatically deployed wherever and whenever needed. It requires no external power to be actuated and can only be activated once the trailer is at rest. The device locks the air supply line to the gladhands by engaging an internal valve set into the standard air line connection. Once the driver uncouples his air line, the device actuates, thereby blocking the air line from re-establishing a connection — making it impossible to move the trailer.

The lock is located where the normal air fitting is so that the driver simply steps out of his cab and uncouples the line. To reinsert the air line, he inserts a key into the coupling that releases the pin and permits reconnection.

For more details, phone 941-575-0243.

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