SteelSafe stops vehicle theft in its tracks

The SteelSafe Truck Immobilizer is designed to stop the theft of trucks, trailers, buses, and semitrailers by immobilizing the vehicle using its own air systems. It is designed to stop the initial theft of the vehicle. If GPS is added and the vehicle is already on the road, the combination of GPS tracking and remote immobilization will ensure the vehicle is brought to a standstill.

Any attempt to tamper with the vehicle will render the vehicle immobile and activate the air horn as a warning signal. Any air pumped back into the vehicle to move it will vent through the air horn acting as a loud alarm.

Manufactured in Australia for now, Steelsafe is provided worldwide and can be delivered anywhere. The manufacturer is seeking a buyer for the worldwide rights to SteelSafe. For more information or to place an order, phone 330-456-7381 in the United States or +613-93-52-6519 in Australia.

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