Roller Bushing kits made for Peterbilt 387s

Horton has introduced Roller Bushings suspension kits for all model years of the Peterbilt 387 truck. The kit includes all components needed to upgrade a Peterbilt 387 vehicle suspension system with Horton Roller Bushings.

Patented needle bearings supply more than seven linear feet of grease grooves for maximum lubrication and minimal maintenance. Horton Roller Bushings are engineered to improve vehicle handling, reduce stress on the chassis, and eliminate seized pins and front wheel hop.

They have a ribbed casing for easy installation and dual lip seals to keep out dirt, allow old grease to escape, and retain clean grease.

Kits are available with a 5.25-inch center-to-center sidebar and a 3.5-inch center-to-center sidebar. Kits for both models also include a 4-inch spring, 1.75-inch-diameter spring eye bushing, 1.5-inch-diameter hanger bushing, and washers. Contact Horton, Roseville MN for more details.

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