PressureGuard Keeps Tires Properly Inflated

Innovative Transportation Products (ITP) has developed PressureGuard, an automatic tire maintenance system with an automatic protection and warning system.

PressureGuard enables tire pressure to be maintained constantly at preset levels. From the hub, air travels through hoses to the tire valve stems. To prevent damage, solid ribs protect the tire hoses outside the hubcap. All hose connections are contained inside the hubcap for security and safety. PressureGuard's valve stem connection is designed with built-in safeguards to resist vibration and loosening. A primary seal and secondary seal, with an additional locking nut, secure valve stem adapters to valve stems to assure leak-resistant performance. Valve stem quick-disconnects permit tire changes without dismantling the system.

A leak-free inner tube ensures a tight seal at the connection point between stationary axle and rotating wheel end. A carbon graphite piston seals against a case-hardened metal shaft inside the axle spindle, preventing air from entering the hub cavity. A double-lipped seal is used inside the rotary union for added protection and security. PressureGuard's axle plug assembly also uses a ST801 tapered expanding spindle ID seal.

A one-piece regulator contains an integral filter and automatic drain valve, housed in a 6" × 3" box that attaches to the frame rail or slider box. Turning a valve-mounted knob adjusts air pressure throughout the PressureGuard system.

The system is supported with a three-year/300,000-mile warranty, and a technical assistance toll-free help line. For more information, contact ITP, PO Box 191146, Dallas TX 75219.

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