Precision IBC weathers storms, aids victims

Precision IBC Inc has thanked its customers, colleagues, and suppliers for their concern in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The firm's employees and facilities in Broussard LA and Fairhope escaped both storms with no major damage.

Since the storms, the company's focus has been to supply those in the affected areas with intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for both additional needs and to replace those lost during the hurricanes. Precision IBC is also supplying IBCs to assist in recovery and rebuilding.

During both hurricanes, Precision IBC remained open and continued business as usual. It continues to work with shippers and suppliers to overcome equipment shortages.

The company has donated water-filled IBCs to affected communities, as well as fuel storage tanks for use by ambulance services and search and rescue operation facilities. Its employees and their families have donated to the storm victims, volunteered to prepare and serve hot meals, and offered medical care at the special needs evacuation centers.

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