Holland Fifthwheel Uses LowLube Technology

Holland Hitch is offering the 3500 Series model FW33 LowLube fifthwheel. With LowLube technology, recesses are cast into a Series 3500 fifthwheel top plate. Patented, non-abrasive inserts — bonded to a steel backing plate — are fastened in these recesses by studs and locknuts. Austempered ductile iron inserts are used to fit between top plate and fifthwheel brackets to ensure long-lasting top plate articulation. A grease fitting permits periodic greasing of fifthwheel locks without uncoupling.

Inserts maintain a low friction surface between the fifthwheel upper coupler and brackets without any need for lubrication or grease. These inserts work with a standard-length SAE kingpin to assure correct lock-to-kingpin engagement.

LowLube technology is currently designed for the 3500 Series fifthwheel with a 55,000-lb maximum vertical load capacity and 150,000-lb maximum drawbar pull. In the future, it also may become available for other Holland fifthwheel models. However, Holland does not recommend using this technology for dump trailer, heavy specialty hauling, or bulk hauling of highly abrasive materials. For full information, contact the Holland Group, 467 Ottawa Ave, PO Box 2099, Holland MI 49422-2099.

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