Heil Trailer International Reinstates Stainless Steel Tank Trailer Line

After about 10 years, Heil Trailer International (HTI) of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is back in the stainless steel tank trailer business. On March 10, the tank trailer manufacturer presented the DOT407 stainless steel line constructed at the company's Trailmaster division in Fort Worth, Texas.

"This opens the door to stainless steel customers by providing one source for many solutions," says Bob Foster, company president.

HTI pioneered many of the stainless steel liquid product concepts many years ago in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but in the early 1990s switched its emphasis to aluminum, says Foster.

"While we have been focusing most of our efforts on aluminum, we are in a good position to expand our product offerings to meet customers' needs for a high-quality stainless steel trailer," says Karl Stabenow, sales and marketing manager at the Fort Worth Trailmaster Division. "We already manufacture a broad line of products to transport liquid and dry bulk commodities. We are very excited to bring back the Heil name to the stainless steel marketplace."

The stainless steel used in today's tank trailer contains a low carbon content that makes it more resistant to pitting in welded areas.

A second feature named by HTI is the vessel's 300 degree F temperature rating, says Stabenow. The pressure rating of 30 psi also increases the tank trailers' versatility.

There also have been changes in design to reduce weight, Stabenow says. To improve quality of the barrel interior, assemblers received special training in the fabrication process, the use of paper wraps to protect the metal during construction, and proper ways to handle tools that reduce damage and wear to the vessel.

There are more stainless steel trailers sold than any other, the market boosted by growth in foodgrade products, molten sulfur, acids, and general chemicals.

"We know the market has a tremendous growth prospect," says Stabenow. "About 4,000 stainless steel trailers were sold last year. Although the market is off somewhat now, we are projecting considerable growth in production by the end of 1999."

The new Heil stainless steel tank trailer will be constructed at the Trailmaster plant. "The Fort Worth plant was chosen because of its stainless steel history and the expertise of our employees here," says Stabenow.

The 7,000-gallon, single-compartment tank trailer comes equipped with Fort Vale vents and manholes, and Betts valves.

Chassis and running gear include a Holland landing gear and Meritor axles and brakes. Heil offers Goodyear tires as standard equipment.

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