Gas/leak detector compatible with TIM

MSA Instrument Division's Orion G multigas and leak detector now offers TIM system compatibility. A four-gas, multi-function portable detector, the Orion G features one-button calibration, durable construction with resistance to dust and water penetration, and advanced ergonomic design. The MSA TIM System lets Orion G Detector users automatically calibrate the unit, track calibration records, and print a computer-generated test receipt.

The Orion G detects combustible gas leaks and 02, H2S, and CO. A flexible probe sensor makes it suitable for gas-leak detection at gas meters, bar holes, furnaces, pipes, storage tanks, and survey sites. Other uses include confined-space monitoring and carbon monoxide detection at flues and furnaces.

Simple, intuitive two-button operation facilitates use with gloved hands, and a large display with contrast makes reading easy, even in low-light conditions.

Other features of the Orion G include:

  • Multi-functional flexibility: indoor, outdoor, and underground

  • Bar-hole probe filter designed to keep out water and dirt

  • Intrinsically safe leak sensor

  • Ergonomic design that fits snugly in one's hand

  • Long-life NiMH or alkaline batteries (interchangeable)

  • Fast response time

  • Leak sensor available on flexible, gooseneck probe

  • Internal pump for convenient remote sampling

  • Sensors that are easy to change

For more information, contact MSA, PO Box 427, Pittsburgh PA 15230.

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