Electronic systems lead to milk hauler efficiency

Some milk haulers may think that additional efforts for security with the use of technology may slow down their operations and add additional expense, but Chris Thompson of the University of Kentucky, said application is likely to improve efficiency.

He discussed the issue during the International Milk Haulers 2006 Annual Convention April 23-25 in Branson MO.

Thompson and his colleagues at the university are working with federal grant monies to study programs tailored for securing milk transportation.

The three-year study eventually will include wireless electronic systems that can be adapted for use by transporters and interactive with dairy farms and processors, which helps a carrier operate more efficiently and thus improve the bottom line.

Electronic equipment can test efficiencies of haulers routes and can be used to expedite billing. "There are bonus features for the transporters," Thompson said.

He pointed out that many in other areas of the tank truck industry are employing electronic systems to track trucks and enhance security, but milk transporters have been slow to come on board.

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