Airtek, HTB available on International trucks

International Truck and Engine Corp offers Hendrickson's Airtek integrated front air suspension and HTB 400LT lightweight rear air suspension on 9200i and 9400i trucks.

Airtek, an integrated front axle and air suspension system, helps improve steer-tire life and residual value, and reduces weight by up to 100 pounds compared with a standard front axle and suspension. It helps protect against bumps and potholes, and the axle-section and leaf-spring geometry produce improvements of up to 30% in ride and 64% in roll stability. Airtek's rubber suspension bushings eliminate lubrication requirements, while the two-piece knuckle steering design simplifies service.

Hendrickson's HTB 400LT weighs up to 250 pounds less than typical 40,000-pound-capacity suspensions. The patented, non-torque reactive design helps deliver quiet, smooth operation. By controlling suspension windup and frame rise, HTB helps minimize wear and tear on U-joints, pinion bearings, and other driveline components. Unlike other air suspensions that carry the vertical load on a combination of steel springs and air springs, HTB rides on a full cushion of air. By carrying 100% of the vertical load on specially designed air springs, HTB delivers up to a 34% ride improvement.

For more information, contact Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, Woodridge IL.

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